Soapy Massage

This massage is a type of erotic massage, Thailand is origin place of this. Duration of massage is 60-90 minute, Its a very special massage but not legal in many countries, The soapy massage includes the masseuse bathing with the client. Then the client will lay on an air mattress and the masseuse will lather the client with soap.

Its starts in a bath tub, where you lay down and the masseuse will give you such a bath that even you would not have taken it in your entire life. She will clean you from your head to toe. You must have learned from your childhood that you should take extra care of your private parts, so has she, masseuse will do that for you also. She will bath you and herself in the tub. The fun just started.

In bath tub Lot of foam is made with some shampoo. She will make you lie on your stomach first on an inflated mattress. Then she pours that foam on your body and now the fun begins. As I said earlier, no hands are used in this massage. She will put her naked body on you and start moving up and down. Her naked body is the tool for this kind of massage.

soapy massage delhi
Soapy Massage in refresh city day spa

In another words- A type of massage in which one person will soap another person using his or her entire body instead of just the hands. It is very popular in the country of Thailand.

Benefits of Soapy Massage

  • It helps in increasing nutrition to the cells, circulation of blood in the skin and improving cell regeneration.
  • It helps to reduce the stress and anxiousness by relaxing the body and mind.
  • It improves the skin elasticity.
  • It increases the excretion of sweat from sweat glands which further helps in excreting urea and waste products from within the skin.
  • It gives a feeling of improved self-esteem and well-being.
  • Most importantly it smooth ens the skin and improves the skin color.